Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

The response time to your guarantee will be 5 business days once the use of the guarantee has been requested. Valid for 30 calendar days 

These policies are not exclusive nor should they be understood or used in opposition to the guarantee conditions that each provider handles. 

Our guarantee applies when: 

  • Candidates not attached to the requested Position Profile are submitted. 
  • The selected/hired candidate resigns in a period of less than 30 calendar days. 

To make the guarantee of a product valid, the client must: 

  • Submit a request for a guarantee application by email to your assigned executive or to the email admon@2ha.mx. 

The WARRANTY WILL BE INVALIDATED in the following cases: 

  • Cuando el tiempo establecido en contrato haya expirado
  • Al momento de hacer la presentación de los candidatos por parte de 2Há al cliente:
    – Cliente cuenta con 5 días naturales para contactar y entrevistar a los candidatos
    – Cliente cuenta con 5 días naturales para presentar oferta al candidato
    – Esta oferta debe iniciar menor a 15 días naturales a partir del día que se envió la oferta laboral
    – La oferta debe respetar el tiempo solicitado por el candidato
  • The job offer and/or hiring of the candidate is within the period mentioned in the delivery of the candidates. 
  • When the client fails to comply with the provisions of the Service Contract. 
  • When for internal reasons of the client the candidate abandons the position.